About us

At South Soul we believe that we all have the duty to do more to fight the climate emergency. That is why we make sustainable, high quality and lasting clothes, everything transparently made in Portugal.

The brand

A sustainable brand inspired by life itself. We do goods for a more ethical and conscious lifestyle, all our goods are made in Portugal, and are made to last. 

Durability over Quantity.

Be cool. By investing in a few quality and timeproof items, you’ll not only spend less but you’ll waste less too. And for us the only way of our clothes to “be cool” is by using sustainable fabrics and ensuring that who made them received a decent salary.

Our Purpose

We decided to act now. For us sustainability is no longer a “nice to have”, so all our raw materials and all our packagings are ecological and all our goods are ethically made in Portugal. We donate 10% of our profits to SeaLegacy"

Why is a penguin in our logo, in our soul?

Our world is melting, the biodiversity, and the beauty, are disappearing as never before. And few images are such a mirror to the emergency we are living as emperor penguins melting together with their home, the Antarctica ice fields. We must act now, MELTING NO MORE.

Why South Soul?

If you still don´t know the stunning mountains of Andes, the mystic of Altiplano, the souls of Amazonia, or the mind blowing lands of Patagonia, we recommend you to go as soon as you can, once their ice is melting and their fragile ecosystems are being destroyed at an unprecedent pace. But most of all, we would like our sons and grand sons to have the chance to see these places with their own eyes, and this is why we decided to act now.